Flex sensors are normally accessible in two sizes. One measures 2.2 inches in length, while the other measures 4.5 inches. In spite of the fact that the sizes are diverse the fundamental capacity stays as before. They are likewise partitioned dependent on obstruction. There are LOW opposition, MEDIUM obstruction and HIGH opposition types. Pick the suitable sort contingent upon prerequisite. Here we will talk about 2.2inch Flex sensor that is FS-L-0055

Flex sensors works:
Flex sensors terminal opposition changes when it is bowed.
Pin Configuration: 
Flex sensor is a two terminal gadget. The Flex sensor doesn’t have energized terminals like diode. So there is no sure and negative. 

  • P1 -Typically associated with positive of intensity source. 
  • P2 -Generally associated with ground.

Particulars and Features :

  • The particulars and highlights of this sensor incorporate the accompanying. 
  • Working voltage of this sensor goes from 0V to 5V. 
  • It can work on low-voltages. 
  • Force rating is 1 Watt for top and 0.5Watt for nonstop. 
  • Working temperature goes from – 45ºC to +80ºC. 
  • Level opposition is 25K Ω .
  • The resilience of opposition will be ±30%. 
  • The scope of twist obstruction will run from45K – 125K Ohms.
Working Principle: 
This sensor deals with the bowing strip standard which implies at whatever point the strip is contorted then its obstruction will be changed. This can be estimated with the assistance of any regulator. 
This sensor works like a variable opposition since when it curves then the obstruction will be changed. The obstruction change can rely upon the linearity of the surface on the grounds that the opposition will be divergent when it is level. 
At the point when the sensor is wound 450 then the opposition would be different. Essentially, when this senor is wound to 900 then the opposition would be divergent. These three are the flex sensor’s twisting conditions. 
As indicated by these three cases, the obstruction will be ordinary in the main case, the opposition will be twofold as diverged from the primary case, and the opposition will be four-time when contrasted and the principal case. So the obstruction will be expanded when the point is expanded.
Applications :
The utilizations of the flex-sensor incorporate the accompanying. 
  • Clinical Instruments 
  • Peripherals of Computer
  •  Advanced mechanics 
  • Active recuperation 
  • Virtual Motion (Gaming) 
  • Instruments.



Air contamination sensors are gadgets that screen the presence of air contamination in the encompassing zone. They can be utilized for both indoor and outside conditions. These sensors can be worked at home, or purchased from specific fabricates. In spite of the fact that there are different kinds of air contamination sensors, and some are worked in specific perspectives, the lion’s share centers around five segments: 
  • ozone
  • particulate issue
  • carbon monoxide
  • sulfur dioxide
  • nitrous oxide.

The sensors were over the top expensive before, yet with mechanical progressions these sensors are getting more reasonable and more far and wide all through the populace. These sensors can help fill numerous needs and help focus on ecological issues past the extent of the natural eye. 

The EPA keeps an archive of air quality information through the Air Quality System (AQS), where it stores information from more than 10,000 screens in the United States. 
While utilization of these sensors was costly previously, the 2010s saw an ongoing pattern towards the advancement of less expensive versatile air-quality sensors that can be worn by people to screen neighborhood air quality levels. These sensors, can at that point, thusly, help measure the spatiotemporal inclusion and assortment of substance species, and engage people and networks to all the more likely comprehend their introduction surroundings and dangers from air contamination. 
An exploration bunch drove by William Griswold at UCSD gave out convenient air contamination sensors to 16 workers, and found “metropolitan valleys” where structures caught contamination. The gathering additionally found that travelers in transports have higher presentations contrasted with those in autos.
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