Range of Applications of Diesel Engine Power Plant

  1. Suitable for small capacity, only up to 5 MW.
  2. Used as standby plants to hydro and steam power plant.
  3. Suitable where fuel oil is freely available.
  4. Electric line service is not available.
  5. Power is available but at a very high cost.
  6. Where water supply is limited.
  7. Used in industries, where power requirement is up to 500 kW
  8. Used as mobile power generator in Transportation system such as ship, automobile, aeroplane, train and, road transport.

Advantages of Diesel Engine Power Plant

  1. Power plant is simple and fuel handling is easy
  2. Less storage space is required for fuel storage.
  3. Can be located near load centre.
  4. Diesel engine extracts more useful work than other types.
  5. Quickly started, can pick up load in very short time
  6. It does not require large quantities of water for cooling
  7. Size of plant is small compared to Thermal Power Plant
  8. Operation is simple and less labours are required to operate.
  9. Life of diesel power plant is longer compared to steam power plant
  10. Operates at a high thermal efficiency as compared to steam power plant.


  1. Diesel oil is costly
  2. Cost of lubricating oil is also higher.
  3. Capacity is limited.
  4. Plant does not work satisfactorily under over load conditions for longer times

Selection of Site

  1. Site should be near the load center.
  2. Strong foundation is required to support the diesel engine
  3. Fuel should be available nearer to the plant.
  4. Site should have access by road and railway transport facility.
  5. Water should be available with sufficient quantity.

Layout of a Diesel Power Plant

Working of a Diesel Engine Power Plant

The layout of Diesel Power Plant

  1. Air from atmosphere is drawn into the compressor and is compressed. The com pressed air is sent to diesel engine through filter. In the filter, dust, dirt from air are filtered and only clean air-is sent to diesel engine.
  2. Fuel oil from tank is passed through filter where it gets filtered and clean oil is injected into the diesel engine through fuel pump and fuel injector.
  3. Mixture of compressed air and spray of fuel oil are ignited into the engine and combustion takes place. The heat energy is utilized for driving the generator. which produces power.

Diesel power plant

Diesel Engine Power Plant Auxiliaries

  1. Fuel Supply System It consists of fuel tank for the storage of fuel, fuel filters and pumps to transfer and inject the fuel.
  2. The fuel oil may be supplied at the plant site by trucks, road, rail, tank etc..
  3. Air Intake and Exhaust System It consists of compressor, filter and pipes for the supply of air and pipes for exhaust gases. Filters are provided to remove dust, dirt etc., from the incoming air. In the exhaust system, silencer is provided to reduce the noise.

The functions of the air intake system are as follows.

  1. To clean the air intake supply.
  2. To silence the intake air.
  3. To supply air for super charging.
  4. Cooling System

This system provides a proper control of water circulation all around the Diesel engines to keep the temperature at reasonably low level. The hot water from the jacket is cooled in cooling ponds and is recirculated again.

4) Lubricating System Lubrication is essential to reduce friction and wear of the moving parts. It includes lubricating oil tank, pumps, filters and lubricating oil. 

5) Starting System For the initial starting of engine the various devices used are compressed air, battery, electric motor or self-starter.

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